Our Kindergarten Community endeavours to:

  • be kind – to self, others and the environment
  • be sustainable
  • be connected to nature
  • listen to each other respectfully
  • be socially responsible
  • honour each other’s rights to feel safe, be heard and feel respected
  • value and advocate for children’s right to play
  • see children as resilient, capable learners and respect different learning styles 
  • celebrate childhood and the joy of learning
  • learn and grow together, recognising and valuing each other’s contributions, skills, abilities, opinions and experiences.
  • be culturally competent
  • make brave decisions
  • be grateful
  • do our best

We believe that developing gratitude, love and responsibility are important virtues for social living and we keep these at the forefront of everything we do.

We are committed to providing a healthy, safe environment for all children, families and staff, where there is a sense of belonging and where our diverse kindergarten community is represented. We honour and respect childhood and the child’s many unique ways of experiencing, communicating and learning.

The beauty of nature, animals, insects and plants is brought to the children with awe and wonder. Children are encouraged to appreciate the natural world in order to help them to value its gifts and to understand its processes and the patterns of the seasons.

We create a foundation to care for our world, others and ourselves through gardening, recycling and in taking care of our immediate environment.

Our bush kinder program provides opportunities to experience nature and its elements across the seasons, recognising the place the bush has in Australia and the significance of the land in Indigenous Australian culture. Whatever the weather, children are encouraged to take the lead in playing, exploring and learning in a natural environment.

Children are encouraged to share, work together, care for each other and respect the needs of others by engaging with others and by taking responsibility for their own decisions and actions.

Educators and parents work as partners, collaborators and advocates for children.

The kindergarten’s practices are evaluated regularly through critical reflection, team retrospection and informed decisions. Educator’s continued professional learning is valued, promoted and supported.