2024 Timetable & FAQs

2024 Timetable

Why is the 3-year-old group spread over four days? This makes it tricky to coordinate drop offs/picks ups and general life. 

We understand this may not be ideal for parents/carers, particularly working parents or those with other commitments. However, as a service, we prioritise children’s wellbeing. Offering the 15-hours over four days is best suited to 3-year-olds’ developmental needs given this might be the first time some have been separated from their parents or carers, some may still be going through toilet training, some may be coming off day-time naps and some can find settling into a new environment with a large group of children overwhelming when they are still trying to understand and regulate their emotions. Offering smaller sessions across four days, provides more continuity, greater opportunity for the children to practise routines, and can help with learning to separate from families. At Maribyrnong Kinder, we seek to create an environment in which all children can thrive. 

It’s also worth noting that as a sessional kinder, we provide a very different experience to services that integrate child care with kindergarten. For example, daily naps are not part of our normal routine which is common in a long day care setting with integrated kindergarten. In order to facilitate this, additional equipment and space is required.   

Finally, Bush Kinder is an integral part of our program and one which is loved by our children, families and the wider community. The length of the sessions need to be carefully considered to ensure it is a positive experience for all children, in particular for those children still developing some of the skills mentioned above. 

A Message from our 3YO Teacher, Sim

After personal experience of being the 3 year old teacher at Maribyrnong Kinder over the past few years I can confidently say that the 3 year old sessions spread over 4 days has by far had the best benefits for my 3 year old children. My 3 year olds have settled so quickly and developed confidence and independence in routines, play, self help skills and relationships with both educators and other children have developed so quickly. By the end of term 1 my 3 year olds this year have progressed as if they are in term 3 compared with the progression that would have happened in other years when my 3 year olds were here for 2 days. 

It is so beautiful to see the 3 year olds thrive in an environment that tailors for exactly what they need at this age when starting their first year at a sessional kindergarten. It is a massive change in their lives and they need to be supported in this massive adjustment!